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Apollo Wiki

Welcome to the Apollo Wiki. On this website we collect all information important for (board) members of culture associations at the UT. You need an account to access the wiki, if you don't have one you can request one here. You are free to edit everything to add helpful information. You can find syntax here for how to markup your articles. If you're not sure how it works, you can play around in the playground, where you can just try out and edit anything you want.

Position Manuals - General

These are manuals for the different positions. They will include all the information you will need as a board member, but also information relevant if your have an important position in a committee.

Committee Manuals

These are manuals for different tasks, often executed by committees. Some of these tasks might be executed by different parties, based on your association.

Other Information

This is where you can find information on a lot of different topics.

Association Specific Wiki's

We have specific pages only available for association members (and Apollo board). On these pages you can put all information that is only important to your own members.

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